Welcome to the Sister Site!

By Sarah & Anna

This is our first official blog post! In order to receive a formal introduction, please visit our “About” page, but we’ll offer an abridged version here. Our names are Sarah and Anna, and we are teenage sisters with a passion for writing, discovering the world, and sharing and discussing meaningful topics with others. We were hesitant to put our writing in a public space, but given the current circumstances of the world, and the difficulty and despair seen all around, we felt that this was a meaningful time to share our thoughts. We hope that this blog will be thought-provoking, serve as a source of inspiration, and inform others about the experiences and perspectives of our generation.

Our Personal Mantras

A “mantra” is a phrase a person lives by. For us specifically, we each have our own expression that takes a special meaning in our lives. 

Sarah – La vie est belle!

You likely recognize this phrase. Directly translated from French, it means “Life is beautiful!” As a French student, selecting this mantra was a no-brainer. Despite frequent negativity in modern life, it is vital to notice and cherish the special, meaningful moments. We must recognize the positivity and capitalize upon it to create a happier, more resilient society. Through this blog, I hope to encompass the things that make me happy, which include fostering hope, highlighting important issues and discussions, and noticing lessons in everyday life. Even a simple activity like baking cookies can bring a new perspective into your life.

Anna – “Don’t skip your shot!”

My personal mantra, “Don’t skip your shot,” has a prominent meaning in my life. I have been told this specific quote throughout the time I have been playing water polo. My coaches have always told me not to “skip my shot,” which is a specific type of shot in water polo. The more I hear this quote and think about the figurative meaning, I realize the deeper explanation. The context to this term is personal and complex – if you are ever given the chance to do something, you must always try. Through this blog I want to spread the message of “Don’t skip your shot!” so that possible opportunities are not missed. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

And we’re better together!

It might seem cliché, but it’s certainly true. With our differing personalities and ages, we figured that different perspectives and values could create a more interesting blog. Not only will we be sharing our thoughts, but guest bloggers will be featured as well to create a mixed bag of content.

So…here we go!

We can’t wait to get started! Please subscribe below for future content, and we hope to see you along with us on this journey.

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