Finding the Positive in Difficult Times

By Anna

Two weeks ago, I was sitting and watching the news when I felt very down. As art is one of my favorite pastimes, I decided to lift my spirits by drawing something uplifting in our driveway. I looked through the multiple chalk colors, and eventually came up with a decision of what I wanted to write — ‘We will get through this.’ 

It feels like there is a lot to “get through” right now. Everyone is going through their own struggles, and events in this world are hitting people at different magnitudes. I think we all have big and valid worries as well as small and silly worries. In order to make my chalk drawing connect to each and everyone around the world, I left the specifics broad and up for interpretation.

I surrounded my drawing with small images of our world, a heart, and an exclamation point. The world was meant to suggest that everyone is going through this time together, and that none of us are completely alone. The heart was meant to show the importance of looking out for each other during this time. For those who are stuck in their houses with no one to talk to, small interactions, even as small as texting a friend, can bring spirits up. The exclamation point symbolizes the fact that this will subside, and this eventful time will become better soon.

Quarantine has most likely been the most isolated and lonely time that many of us have experienced.  With lots of time on our hands and not much to do, laying in bed and wallowing in our unhappiness and loneliness can be tempting, and I can’t say I haven’t felt the same way. However, making the most of this time, such as caring for yourself and doing things you enjoy, is vital.

It is important that during this time we stay positive, and work to make the best out of our extended stay at home. Although mental health for some might not be in the best place for most of us, it is important to remember that we will get through this.

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