Staying on Track as Life Moves Virtual

By Anna

Ever since school went online and I have had to spend the majority of my time at home, simple tasks have become harder and harder. Focusing on one activity has become more of a challenge than before. Although I’ve learned to adapt to this state of “unmotivation,” I still continue to slip up daily. 

Distractions around the house are a huge part of my procrastination. For example, watching a movie or scrolling through my phone is always much more tempting than filling out a math worksheet. If our new quarantine puppy (blog post all about him is coming soon!) is laying right at my feet, looking extra cute, I’ll definitely feel tempted to pet him. Letting go of those temptations is what makes staying on task so hard. The simple changes I have made in my lifestyle so far have made a huge difference in my performance and level of motivation.

I’ve decided to share my three favorites tips on how to stay motivated;

  1. Make a to-do list

This is my personal favorite, and a way I make this fun for me is putting effort into the list! I love to decorate it and make it look put together so I feel better about the long list of things I need to get done. One of my favorite feelings is completing my list before I go to bed. Although this doesn’t happen often, my drive to feel that sense of accomplishment motivates me to work through my tasks. If I feel overwhelmed about the large amount of work I need to do, a list ensures that no items on the list are forgotten.

  1. Isolate yourself from distractions

For many people my age, cell phones and devices are a huge distraction from work that needs to be done. If I get a notification that one of my friends is texting me, I tend to shift my attention to that, instead of the task I am working on. This is the exact opposite from what I want to happen. Devices aren’t the only form of distractions — people can be too. Avoiding talking to those around you or striking conversation is key, especially in a school or work environment. 

  1. Work in a productive area

I have shared a room with my sister my whole life, and let me tell you, it is not easy. Getting work done can be hard when my sister is listening to music or moving around the room. It is so important to be in a room where you can be productive, and although being in a bustling room with your family might be fun, it is never effective for getting work done. A quiet room (or even a spot outside!) always helps to keep you on task!

Staying motivated and productive will never become easy or fun, but these simple steps I always try to use have helped me over the years.

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