Our Quarantine Puppy

By Anna

Only about a day into quarantine, we had our eyes set on an adorable puppy who was up for adoption, “Georgie.” The last couple days had been horrible – school was canceled, sports abruptly ended, and we weren’t able to see our friends. The only silver lining in sight was the prospect of a new puppy in our home.

On our long journey to pick up the adorable dog, my mind wandered from how horrible the next couple months would be to how cute it would be to snuggle up with Georgie. By the time we got home, Georgie was big news to our family and friends. An exciting spark in this dark time was what we all needed, and photos of Georgie were sent far and wide. 

The ride to pick up Georgie was long, but worth it. As he snuggled into my lap on the ride home I felt his soft heartbeat on my chest, I instantly fell in love with my new puppy. The next couple weeks were full of potty accidents and missing shoes, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Whenever I felt the stress of any kind weighing one me, a perfect break was snuggling up with Georgie and enjoying his comforting kisses and licks.

I was surprised to find out that my family wasn’t the only family that adopted a puppy during quarantine –  in fact there was a specific term called a “quarantine puppy,” which had become widely popular. Recognizing the demands of training a puppy, many families seem similarly seized by the opportunity and prospect of time spent quarantined at home to welcome a new furry family member.  

Hundreds of photos were posted of adorable puppies smiling at cameras and running around the house. These adorable pets became a bright light for everyone during a rough time, bringing families together. I am so glad our family was part of this trend. Georgie has been such a blessing in our lives, and with the recent passing of our other dog, having a dog by our sides through thick and thin was what we needed. I have been overjoyed to be able to spend these seven long months with our new puppy, Georgie. 

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