Why Sharing a Room Won’t be Your Doom

By Anna

Practically since the day I was born, I have always shared a room with my sister. Although a decent amount of our experience has been spent arguing over small inconveniences and unattended-to chores, I’ve learned a great deal of lessons that have helped me not just inside, but also outside of the room. 

My sister and I have never been naturally tidy people. With a packed schedule, it’s hard to find the time to clean our room consistently, however sharing a room with Sarah has kept me accountable. I keep my side clean to the best of my ability to respect her, and she does her best to do the same. Although I could be better, my cleanliness has improved greatly over time, and sharing a room with someone who holds you accountable has greatly helped.

Sharing a room with my sister has also helped me become closer to her over the years. Although we both might agree we would like more time alone (due to COVID-19 we spend virtually all our time together) we have made so many memories together. Our room is sort of like a common room for all of our family where we can all meet and relax. I love spending time with my siblings and parents in our room, and the time spent together has made us a great deal closer.

Finally, I know that living my whole life with a roommate will be helpful. After graduating high school both Sarah and I will be off to college, and no matter what happens after that, it is likely we will have roommates for a good portion of our lives. I’ve heard so many horror stories about bad roommates, and I am confident that Sarah and I won’t be one of them. We both seemed to have nailed down the general guidelines for sharing a room, and I am confident that those skills will help us in the long run. 

Although I’m not saying I wouldn’t love to have a room of my own, I fully believe some of the traits I’ve gained while sharing a room with Sarah have strengthened me as a person. 

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