Top 10 Activities When Lockdown Boredom Hits

By Anna

  1. Learn to Paint

Painting has never been on my list of talents, however sometime in the middle of the summer I decided to use watercolors again. Using an online class I was able to take the courses at my own speed while genuinely having an amazing time trying it. I can admit my pieces are far from perfect, but painting has been so calming to me in a chaotic time.

  1. Work Your Way Through a Cookbook

Something I saw through social media this past week caught my attention. The goal was to pick one cookbook and make every single recipe inside by the end of 2021. Although this task might be difficult, it sounds like a perfect way to find new recipes you love, while entertaining lots of time. 

  1. Deep Clean Your Room

I can say that I tidy up my room every single day, and maybe even clean my drawers and do my laundry, but I can’t say I deep clean my room very often. Taking the time to reorganize your books, mop and sweep the floors, clean the mirrors, and lots of other small yet important details can practically transform your room and make it so much more livable.

  1. Bike Rides

After biking to school everyday up until March, I was pretty burned out and had a hard time thinking of a bike ride as fun. However, not returning to school last year had given me a much needed break from my bike. Getting back into biking, even just as quick bike rides around the block, has made me enjoy the feeling of fresh air rushing against you so much more. I am rethinking biking as a highly underrated form of exercise.

  1. Go Camping (In your backyard!)

Although it might be tough to travel to a campsite during lockdown, backyard camping can be just as much fun. Recreating the traditional camping experiences such as putting up the tent, making smores, and setting up a fire can all be done at home — and even with a bonus of an indoor bathroom and warm bed if needed!

  1. Rummage Through Your Closet

My closet seems to always fill up with hand-me-down clothes or simply clothes I have grown out of. With lots of time on our hands, trying on all of the pieces in your closet and making a give away pile is something essential. Especially in this hard time, donating the extra clothes to second hand shops and homeless shelters can make a positive impact on those struggling.

  1. Start a New Book Series

I have a list on my phone of book series I am planning to start, but somehow the books never seem to actually make my shelf. Book series are a big commitment, because sometimes they take weeks and even months to read. Reading them in this time when there aren’t a ton of other things to do is practical and helps narrow down the long list of books.

  1. Outdoor Movie Night

This is an idea that can be used for both family and friends since the activity is outdoors. As long as you have a screen and projector or laptop ready, outdoor movie nights are pretty simple. With provided snacks and sleeping bags and blankets, snuggling up under the stars to watch a movie is lots of fun. An added plus is that it gets dark very early, so finishing the movie without bothering the neighbors too late at night should be capable.

  1. Make a Vision Board

With the start of 20201, mapping out your goals for this upcoming year is important. Creating a vision board is a fun and creative way to decide on work towards your new year resolutions. An easy way to do this is go on Pinterest to find photos that make you feel motivated to reach your upcoming goals this year, and make a collage on some sort of paper or board. After you are done, putting this somewhere in your room can motivate you to accomplish your new goals.

  1. Start a Bullet Journal

I started bullet journaling about a year ago and I haven’t looked back. Designing the pages and creating new layouts has been so much fun. It has really channeled my  creativity and helps to relax me when I’m feeling stressed. All you need is a notebook and some pens, and the rest is up to you! You can write down your goals, to do list, schedule for the week, and so much more!

I hope this list of fun things to do has been helpful and created some new ideas for you! Boredom is something I have majorly struggled with during COVID-19, and these fun activities have helped hold it off!

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