“Blend It to Mend It” Smoothie Recipe

By Sarah

Making smoothies is fairly simple. You gather up your chopped frozen fruits and vegetables, add a little liquid, pour it all into the blender, and watch your smoothie appear. Just like that, everything is blended together, delicious, and perfect.

So why can’t life be this easy?

In the choppy, difficult part of our existence, we can’t just pour everything in a blender and watch our problems smooth over. Many aspects of life are neither easy nor perfect. We can’t just spoon our life into a bowl, add a few toppings, and call it a day. Nope — living life takes a little more resilience. It takes blending.

Like a smoothie, when we encounter difficult experiences, we have to dig deep. When chunks of frozen fruit, or difficult tasks and experiences, come our way, we have to bring out our blade. With a little help from the liquid, or our support network, we, too, can blend and smooth our problems. Maybe not perfectly; there may still be a few chunks here and there. In the end, however, we have transformed a difficult experience into a deliciously positive outcome. 

It’s true — it definitely sounds easier than it actually is. I recall a week recently where I felt like everything was coming down around me. I had responsibilities and tasks and important dates all in the same short span of time. I felt overwhelmed, stressed, and beyond exhausted. Regardless, I knew that I needed to act. Despite the frozen fruit coming my way, I used the moral support of my own liquid (my friends and family) to power through my circumstances. It was certainly difficult to endure the stress around me, but I was able to channel my energy into productivity. It was not simple, and it never is, but with a sharp blade of determination, we can power through anything. We can blend strife to mend it. 

In this spirit, Anna and I decided to make a smoothie this past week. Here’s one of our favorite recipes — it’s thick, simple, and unbelievably tasty, just like ice cream.

“Blend It to Mend It” Smoothie

For your ingredients, gather up your frozen fruit. Frozen bananas should be chopped to minimize timing and increase efficiency.

Once your ingredients are ready, you can start to blend! Make sure to stop occasionally to stir your ingredients, ensuring that thicker chunks are on the top.

And voilà! Your delicious, creamy smoothie is ready to enjoy! You can finish whenever the consistency is best for you.

Toppings are completely up to you! Thankfully, smoothies are a versatile food that goes well with anything. We enjoy granola, coconut flakes, and additional fresh fruit such as blueberries. Time to enjoy!


Serves 2

2 cups frozen blueberries

½ cup frozen mango

1 frozen banana (optional)

¼ cup coconut milk


  • Pour the coconut milk into your blender.
  • Carefully layer in the frozen fruit. While the order is up to you, add in softer ingredients (bananas and mango) for an easier blend.
  • Turn on the blender and blend on medium, taking frequent breaks to mix the ingredients until smooth.
  • Pour into bowls and serve! Potential toppings include granola, coconut flakes, chocolate chips, or fresh fruit. 

There you have it — the “Blend It to Mend It” smoothie! It’s healthy, absolutely delicious, and it’s even oddly therapeutic to watch the fruit come together in a smooth, scrumptious manner. We hope that your own challenges and circumstances will blend into positivity, happiness, and lessons to share.

Thank you to @TwinCoast on Instagram for the original recipe.

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