5 Places I Can’t Wait to Visit

By Anna

COVID-19 has led me to reminisce on all the amazing memories I’ve made traveling. Thinking about the endless adventures and delicious food I’ve tried has helped me create a list of places I can’t go without visiting sometime in my lifetime.

My personal mantra, “Don’t skip your shot”, really ties into this bucket list. Traveling truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, no matter how far you go. Experiencing the new culture, seeing new types of traditions, and learning about places and landmarks you didn’t know about previously is something you really shouldn’t skip. When an opportunity to travel comes, don’t skip your shot — take it! The memories made are truly irreplaceable. Here’s a list of places I’m looking forward to eventually seeing with the goal of taking every shot I have to visit them.

1. The Bahamas

The Bahamas, or somewhere just as tropical, has been on my list since I was a little kid. My family tends to take quickly paced vacations, so going to a location such as the Bahamas would set us up for a relaxing trip. The warm weather and picturesque beaches are hard to resist and I’m certain that I would have the best time. 

2. New Zealand

New Zealand appears to be the perfect mix of beautiful views and exciting outings. After looking through photos of the beautiful locations, I’ve seen locations ranging from beaches to whitewater rafting with a 20 foot drop! New Zealand is full of thrilling activities and, due to its variety in tourist attractions, it can truly be perfect for anyone who wants to go.

3. Banff, Canada

Simply by seeing photos of Banff, Canada, I fell in love. Downtown Banff is cute and relatively small, but it has endless activities. For example, one of the most well-known places in Banff is Moraine Lake, a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and forests. Visiting the lake is on my bucket list, and Banff as a whole seems as if it is a perfect travel destination.

4. Zion National Park

Zion National Park, which is in Utah, is one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever seen through photos. The park is filled with giant mountains, and the outdoorsy outings are endless. There are countless hiking paths and even skiing nearby in the winter. For outdoorsy travelers looking for an adventurous trip, Zion National Park is a perfect destination.

5. Hawaii

Hawaii is a very popular tourist destination for Americans, and from what my friends who have visited have said, it is magical. Unlike where I live, the water is warm and full of beautiful ocean animals that are easy to spot. The islands are covered in beautiful nature, countless family-friendly activities, and resorts and homes. I am certainly looking forward to visiting Hawaii in the future and enjoying my time relaxing on the beach.

So, when the chance is given to you, don’t skip the opportunity! Plan that trip you’ve been waiting to take, even if you know it’ll never happen. Above, I have given a couple ideas on places to travel, but researching destinations that seem perfect for you is even more fun. Driving across the country, flying to a foreign country, or visiting a local landmark are some of the things that make life as sweet as it is. If the time is right, go travel! You’ll make memories you’ll never forget.

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