3 Ingredient Pancakes

By Anna

Whenever I see recipes online that claim to have only 3 or 4 ingredients, I tend to be dubious. How could something truly be that simple? I picture it similar to a final project in school, where the teacher claims it is only 3 steps but truthfully there’s a million more add ons they conveniently forgot to include. It makes me take a step back and really reflect when something appears to be short and simple, because in truth, that doesn’t happen very often! 

However, these pancakes truly are that simple. After a tiring, busy, week, take some time to treat yourself to these delicious, simple, pancakes! 

Step 1: Collect Ingredients!

These delicious pancakes are only made of 3 ingredients, but I personally love to add some extra to incorporate more flavor. Start by collecting your rolled oats, eggs, and banana, then you can find other ingredients you might want to add such as cinnamon, vanilla, and salt. Finally, collect fruit, maple syrup, or any other food you can add on top of the finished product.                                                                  

Step 2: Begin Combining

The first two ingredients to add are your eggs and rolled oats. Start by adding ½ of rolled oats into your bowl of choice, this recipe makes a fairly small portion so if you are making food for a family, you might want to double the recipe and use a larger bowl. Then add two eggs to the rolled oats.

Step 3: Add and Mix

Add your final important ingredient, a banana! If you are aiming for a sweeter taste you might want to add a super ripe banana, but we only had one in the house so this one had to do! Then, using a fork, mash the banana up and mix it with the eggs and oats.

Step 4: Add Flavor

If you decide to cook the pancakes after adding the essential 3 ingredients, they’ll certainly taste great, but they won’t have too much flavor. For my pancakes, I added a pinch of salt, a splash of vanilla extract, and a good amount of cinnamon. This made the pancakes go above and beyond any I’ve had before. 

Step 5: Cook!

Once you’ve mixed all of the ingredients together, it’s time to cook. Using your pan of choice, spray non-stick spray or put butter on your surface to keep the pancake from sticking to the top. Then, pour the batter into a little circle on your pan and flip once the bottom is a golden color. The pancakes are ready to take off the stove when a toothpick comes out clean from the center.

Step 6: Decorate!

Now it’s time to decorate! I personally don’t love maple syrup, so I improvised and added honey on top along with some cut up blueberries and strawberries. The fruit added a perfect pop of flavor and I seriously devoured these delicious, healthy, pancakes.

With that said, thanks for reading! If you decide to try out this recipe tag us on Instagram @thesistersite and give us your thoughts!

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