Lucrative Jobs for the Summer

By Anna

Summer: a time of endless hours spent with friends, shopping, going out for lunch, going to amusement parks, and so much more. Although all of these things are incredibly fun, they can add up to be pretty expensive. To make up for the money spent over the summer, or maybe just to save up for the upcoming school year, here are some summer job ideas for teens who are looking for something lucrative yet easy to find. 

  1. Lifeguard

This one is pretty self-explanatory, since summer tends to be much warmer than the other seasons and there tends to be an overload of pool parties and days spent in the water. Lifeguards are often paid well, and you have options; you can set up your own business lifeguarding for neighborhood pool parties or you can lifeguard at a country club or swim club nearby, both of which are great options. While lifeguarding can be tedious, it works great if you want to be able to pick your hours for summer work!

2. Camp Counselor

I have been a camp counselor for the last three summers and I have really loved getting to know the kids on a personal level while making good money. Although it can be hard work, especially when you have lots of kids and not many activities planned, it is the type of job that barely feels like one. Although I am simply an employee that has been hired to help out at this camp, you can also start your own if you are having trouble finding other options. This is great because you can have fewer kids while being able to do whatever activities you want with the kids and being in charge of your own schedule and hours.

3. Work in a Store

Since I am only 14, there aren’t many food or clothing stores that would take me as an employee nearby, but this is a great option for kids a little older that are looking for a stable summer job that will make great money. For example, you could work at the ice cream shop downtown near your house or become an employee at a boutique or chain shopping store where you can sort clothes, help out customers, or work at the register. These jobs often include a lot of work and standing, but they are great experiences for real jobs later in life!

4. Dog/House Sit

During the summer it seems that almost every family goes on some sort of getaway, whether that is going to the beach for a weekend or visiting another country for a whole month. Regardless, families need someone to take care of their pets and houses. Since I am only 14, I haven’t taken care of someone’s house, however, I have been hired to water the neighbor’s plants, walk their dogs, feed their animals, and make sure their mail is put away and bins are on or off the street. This is a great job because you can really stop by the house or check on the animals whenever is convenient for you throughout the day as long as you are being diligent and taking good care of them, plus it tends to make good money.

With all the exciting events happening during the summer or possible tuition needing to be paid in the upcoming school year, earning a little bit of money can’t hurt. These four job ideas can be used for anyone above the age of about 14, and they are relatively flexible on hours and pay well. I hope this blog helps you brainstorm some ideas for ways to make some spending money for this upcoming summer

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