Unpopular Opinion: Back-to-School Season is the Best

By Anna

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love summer — the break from schoolwork, beach-filled vacations, and endless hangouts with friends are some of my favorite parts of the whole year. However, something is exciting about going back to school.
But what is so special about going back to all the homework, tests, and early mornings? Well, when the new school year is upon us we find ourselves focusing more on the exciting things that we’ve missed. Going back to school means back-to-school clothes and supply shopping, seeing friends you haven’t seen in forever again, starting up school sports and clubs, and, for some, starting at new schools!

The energy in the air is always a little different than other times during the year. Students are nervous to meet their new teachers and classmates, but in an exciting way. Classmates come together after being apart for the whole summer to help each other find their classrooms, lend supplies they are missing, and brainstorm interesting facts for icebreakers. The community you feel in your school during back-to-school season is like none other, and it washes away some of the memories of difficult tests, stressful nights, and hardship.

Overall, back-to-school season is one of the most exciting and anticipated parts of the year, and it is important to enjoy the community aspects and use that energy to carry each other through the year. Saying a final goodbye to summer is certainly hard, but getting excited for all the memories you’ll make in the upcoming year assists in the process.

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