Sarah & Anna

Our inspiration…

We’re a pair of teenage sisters who love to write, discover the world, and share and discuss meaningful topics with others.  Sarah’s personal philosophy is “La vie est belle!” Anna’s personal philosophy is “Don’t skip your shot.” See our first blog post for more on our personal philosophies and what influenced us. We are also big believers in the concept of “better together.”  This was a key inspiration behind the creation of this blog.   

From the time we were toddlers, we have dreamed of becoming published authors. Sarah, as the older sister, was initially the writer, while Anna, the younger sister and more natural artist, would illustrate the pages. We’ll see where that dream evolves for each of us — for now, writing remains a way of self-expression. We decided to take a leap of faith to create this blog in the hope that our writing will serve as an inspiration to others during this pandemic (at the time of our launch!) and beyond.  

What’s on our mind? 

The environment, self-discovery, health, culture, fun, new technology. Through this blog, we hope to share our perspectives on our experiences and struggles, from events small and personal to those impacting the world. Our hope is to cultivate discussions involving the teenage experience and the perspective of the rising generation of world citizens.

Above all, we are typical sisters and teenagers.

We have shared a room our entire life (as well as clothes, shoes, pets, a brother and parents, and practically everything else). “Sisterhood” often requires love, patience and understanding, and although we don’t always live up to that ideal, we think those learnings must be applicable outside our home, to our community and world.  By exploring that, we hope to create bonds with our community that invites discussion, different perspectives, and experiences. All perspectives are welcome.

We invite you to check out our blog, share your feedback, and learn something new. Welcome to The Sister Site!

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