Finding the Positive in Difficult Times

By Anna Two weeks ago, I was sitting and watching the news when I felt very down. As art is one of my favorite pastimes, I decided to lift my spirits by drawing something uplifting in our driveway. I looked through the multiple chalk colors, and eventually came up with a decision of what IContinue reading “Finding the Positive in Difficult Times”

When Life Gives You Jam…

Recipe for Apple Cider Snickerdoodle Cookies and Apple Crumble By Sarah “Why do we have so much jam?” It was May, and we’d been quarantined indoors for months. The past weeks had held a wide variety unexpected twists and turns, so I wasn’t too surprised by the site in our garage. The floor was coveredContinue reading “When Life Gives You Jam…”

Welcome to the Sister Site!

By Sarah & Anna This is our first official blog post! In order to receive a formal introduction, please visit our “About” page, but we’ll offer an abridged version here. Our names are Sarah and Anna, and we are teenage sisters with a passion for writing, discovering the world, and sharing and discussing meaningful topicsContinue reading “Welcome to the Sister Site!”