Anxiety, Avonlea, and Anne: The Disappointment of Regression in “Anne of Green Gables”

By Sarah Exhausted from an afternoon soccer game, fifth-grade me slipped into my bed, trailing my fingers across the spine of the novel my mother had given me: Anne of Green Gables. She’d assured me that it was a classic — a read that was indispensable for a young woman. I remember raising my eyebrows,Continue reading “Anxiety, Avonlea, and Anne: The Disappointment of Regression in “Anne of Green Gables””

Top 10 Activities When Lockdown Boredom Hits

By Anna Learn to Paint Painting has never been on my list of talents, however sometime in the middle of the summer I decided to use watercolors again. Using an online class I was able to take the courses at my own speed while genuinely having an amazing time trying it. I can admit myContinue reading “Top 10 Activities When Lockdown Boredom Hits”

Our Top Ten Favorite Reads

By Sarah and Anna Both of us love to read (almost) as much as we enjoy writing. As kids, we recall memories of snuggling into the couch, reading our treasured Harry Potter and The Mother-Daughter Book Club series. While screens and social media can lure us away from authentic book-reading, there is something special aboutContinue reading “Our Top Ten Favorite Reads”